Large Fire in Southill

Posted by Raphial Hebert
There is a large fire rapidly moving north from 160th in the South Hill/Graham area. please be safe, and if you're nearby, prepare for a possible evacuation. Text pasted from the post:

*UPDATE 2:16pm*
We have closed several main roads in the area even though they are not in the current evacuation area. This is for your safety and for safety of the fire crews and deputies. Please avoid the area and give the crews room to work so they can get this fire under control.

*UPDATE 1:56pm*

The area marked in red is now officially under a Level 1 evacuation. This means BE READY.

Make preparations for family with special needs, mobile property, and pets or livestock

Monitor local social media, TV news and radio for updated information

Public safety personnel may contact you via the emergency notification system

We have also notified residents who live on 161st St Ct E, east of 70th Ave E, that they should be prepared to leave.

Deputies are warning reside...

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