New Events page!

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We now have a new events page where all of our events and details will be posted, check them out by either clicking Events at the top, or go to !

Puyallup Santa Parade Event

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Join us on Saturday December 3rd at the Pioneer Park (300 S Meridian, Puyallup, WA 98371) for the annual Lighted Santa Parade

We will be meeting at 3pm outside the Pavilion building, where we can shop at the holiday market, take festive photos and enjoy the company of friends. Fursuiting is allowed as this event is public and outdoors, you may be required to remove your head to enter any buildings. PLEASE NOTE: this is a family event so please keep that in mind when deciding what to wear! We also ask that everyone behave in a manner that is appropriate for the event. There are on site restrooms and places to sit, but nowhere dedicated as a suit changing area so please keep that in mind! The parade begins at 5pm and ends at 6pm. After watching the parade some of us will head over to Denny’s (626 S Hill Park Dr, Puyallup, WA 98373) to eat some dinner and socialize and warm up! We hope to see you there and can’t wait to ring in the Christmas season with you all!

COVID19 & Variants

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Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good Monday and a great start to their week.  With the growing cases through the holidays from COVID19 Variants, there has been a lot of concern once again about hosting local events. Unfortunately cases have drastically risen through the holiday season, and continue to grow through the new year. As we all remember, the initial start of COVID19 forced a lot of new policies and acts in place to help keep our community safe across many, many different event organizers, companies, and more. Since then, the changes have made a permanent impact in many various ways in our daily lives and daily routines. With the sudden wake of these new variants, cases have fluctuated drastically since their slow decline in 2020. We had the Delta variant, and currently a new variant named Omicron. Each one as dangerous, if not more, than the previous.

Because of this we will be once again postponing future events until further notice. We were hoping to kick off 2022 with a handful of new and scheduled events, but with everything happening around us, we would rather keep our community safe and delay future events. Cases are spreading badly right now across the PNW and eastern coast specifically, and we need to be careful. The staff here at PSF encourage anyone and everyone to get their vaccinations if they have not already, and to get booster shots where and when available. COVID19 and these variants are extremely dangerous, and many cases have permanent lasting effects on the body. We want everyone here to remain safe, educated, and careful. We will be uploading a new amended COVID policy very soon on our Rules and Policies page @

With this second delay of events after the first long delay, we will be focusing a lot on future virtual, stream, and gaming events to keep our mission statement alive and to keep us together. We want to continue to provide a fun, safe, and exceptional community for everyone, and we will continue to do so even through these trying and changing times. Stay tuned and look for some new virtual events very soon~

From everyone here among the PSF Staff, we wish everyone a better year for 2022, and that everyone remain safe and healthy ❤️

For more information on COVID variants, go to
For information about us, our policies, and who we are, go to

Large Fire in Southill

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There is a large fire rapidly moving north from 160th in the South Hill/Graham area. please be safe, and if you're nearby, prepare for a possible evacuation. Text pasted from the post:

*UPDATE 2:16pm*
We have closed several main roads in the area even though they are not in the current evacuation area. This is for your safety and for safety of the fire crews and deputies. Please avoid the area and give the crews room to work so they can get this fire under control.

*UPDATE 1:56pm*

The area marked in red is now officially under a Level 1 evacuation. This means BE READY.

Make preparations for family with special needs, mobile property, and pets or livestock

Monitor local social media, TV news and radio for updated information

Public safety personnel may contact you via the emergency notification system

We have also notified residents who live on 161st St Ct E, east of 70th Ave E, that they should be prepared to leave.

Deputies are warning residents in other areas, but the area marked on the map is the only one officially under Level 1 evacuation at this time.

*UPDATE 12:50PM*
The fire has crossed over to the south side of 160th St E.  If you live in that immediate area, please be prepared to evacuate and study a map so you know where to go if told to leave.

Fire crews and deputies are on scene of a brush fire in the 15700 block of 74th Ave E in South Hill. This is just north of the intersection of 160th St E and 74th Ave E (see map). A 911 caller reported that a tree fell on a power line and sparked a fire. This is a developing situation. We're working to determine which roads will be closed and which nearby homes are affected. At this time, we are closing 160th St E in the area of 74th Ave E. Please follow us for important safety info and avoid the area. #SouthHillFire

New statewide restrictions

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Yesterday governor Inslee announced a new statewide executive order giving the state new restrictions regarding COVID19 for 4 weeks. This new restriction order will limit the number of gatherings with along with the demand for self-quarantining before seeing others. Travel is restricted to necessary travel only, and dining-in has been restricted as well.

The number of cases per day has spiked currently at over 2,000 cases per day.

You can read the news release here on the website:
You can view the details of the executive order here:

This will be added onto our page.

Pierce County Wildfires and Evacuation

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Hey everyone! As I'm sure some of you are aware, there are local fires happening in the Puget Sound area that blew in from Eastern WA. It has already affected Bonney Lake, Sumner, Graham, norther area of 167, and a few other areas excluding eastern WA. Please be safe, be careful, and try not to breathe in the smoke and Ash blowing in. Wear a mask or stay indoors if you can. There's more info on how you can remain safe and what to know @

Here are also the evacuation routes if necessary for reference:

If you are near eastern or central Pierce County area, it's recommended to make a quick to-go bag with some necessities just in case if the fire spreads further west towards Puyallup/Tacoma. Sumner/Bonney Lake area has a Level 3 Evac order in some parts of eastern Pierce County. You can find more resources and information @

Some good things to keep with you if you need to evacuate include, but are not limited to, any necessary and basic medication,  a quick change of clothes,  spare shoes (boots preferable; anything closed-toe),  important documents (birth cert/ssn card), water, Gatorade, energy bars,  spare batteries for electronics/communications (Or a battery pack if you have one!), am/fm weather radio for communication (cell towers may be overloaded/offline), and an emergency blanket if you have one as well as a basic first-aid kit. A good article discussing what to leave and what to bring with you is @

We want everyone to remain calm and safe, and to be extra careful. Not only are we facing the challenges from COVID19, but we're facing another threat from these fires. Please be careful and stay safe everyone.

More info on WA wildfires and resources:
Smoke and smog links: ,
Evacuation routes:
Power Outage map:
Fire map:

Map of local fires within the last 12 hours in the Sumner area Map of local fires on 9/7/2020


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Last updated 02/12/2021 (Updated resource links) Click here for helpful resource links Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a relaxing and positive week! Due to the overwhelming response among our communities due to the Corona COVID-19 virus, Puget Sound Furs (Our local Washington state event host) has decided to halt and delay our future events until further notice to help contain and prevent further contamination of our communities with this deadly threat. Our governor has already declared a state emergency to limit all public venues, and last night President Trump declared a state of emergency because of this virus. Not only this, but public schools across WA state, among other states, are being closed down temporarily (Our public schools will be closed until April thus far). What can you do to help prevent further spread? Our staff strongly recommend staying home when possible, practicing really good hygiene, washing your hands frequently, and taking other necessary precautions to help prevent further spread of the virus. We recommend, if possible, staying home is the best option for preventing further spread. If you have any feeling of possibly being sick, the feeling of a fever, or any similar signs normally associated with a cold or the flu, we encourage you to get checked immediately AND STAY HOME! It's already made known that the virus can easily spread among hundreds of people in a small area showing little to no symptoms at all, and is highly contagious even with no symptoms. This is especially dangerous for people with compromised and weak immunity (Especially our elders and children). Try to stay calm, collected, and try not to panic! Right now across all sorts of news media, social media, and more there have been clear signs of mass panic in some of our communities. A lot of retail stores have been emptied out of toilet paper, sanitizing agents, and other necessities as well as lots of non-perishable food like rice, pasta, and beans. Please try to stock up on a few necessities but please, for the sake of the elderly and people who need help, do not take an entire stock-load of items, and leave some behind for others. Gather what you need sparingly if you end up staying home for long periods of time through this difficult time. Among the viral infection, there's already signs of jobs and buildings either closing down or slowing way down, and it's already affected people's pay and financial situations. If you need sick days, do not be afraid to take them! We strongly encourage preparing for a slower season than normal in your finances, as this can severely negatively impact not only our community's health, but its economic state. So please be careful and plan ahead! What if I feel any symptoms ...

WFS 37!

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Hey guys! Furlife is hosting their next WFS event this weekend! When Furballs Strike 37 will be on February 22 this Saturday, and the theme chosen via poll is "Mythical Creatures!" From Dragons to Werewolves, Fairies to Unicorns, celebrate all made-up creatures from fantasy film, lit and lore! Have fun with this accessorizing your clothes and costumes, and we'll have MANY themed prizes in the raffle!

Head over to the Event Page @ for RVSP and event details! Look forward to seeing you guys there!

Karaoke & Arcade Event!

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We will be hosting a karaoke and arcade event at the Round 1 located at Southcenter Mall. Come out and show us your great singing skills, or just have fun at the arcade! Round 1 offers other attractions as well, such as bowling and billiards. Food and drink are also available on site for purchase. We will be planning to end the event at 3PM, but feel free to stay past that time as Round 1 and the rest of the mall will still be open.

For those wishing to do Karaoke, we will be doing Karaoke for 1~2 hours. The cost will vary with the number of folks that want to do it, so please bring cash in preparation (the expected cost is anywhere from $9 to $15)!

Please note that fursuiting is not allowed at Round 1, but ears and tails should be fine as long as they do not get in the way of other patrons.

For those folks needing a ride, there are buses that go directly to Southcenter from Seattle, or possibly arrange a carpool with furs living nearby.

For more information about Round 1, feel free to visit their website:

Lastly, we are still accepting donations to help with future events! You can send them directly via our PayPal link ( Thank you for your kind donations!

Location: 2351 Southcenter Parkway, Tukwila, WA 98188, USA
Time: Sunday, February 9, 2020, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Ending 2019 with 2 fun events!

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2019 has been an amazing journey for us, and we want to kick off the end of the year with a lot of fun at the yearly light show and events at the Space Needle! We encourage you guys to bring your suits for some fun group photos for the holidays! We will be shooting all sorts of photos, videos, and having fun around the center fursuiting! 

You can find all the information, RVSP, time, and location for our event on the 22nd @ !

We will also be hosting our New Years event come Near Year's Eve at the Space Needle! Details @

Today is the beginning of Anthro Northwest!

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Hey guys! Today is the start of the Anthro Northwest convention in Seattle! They'll have a lot of panels, activities, and get-togethers for everyone of all ages to enjoy~ You can catch most of us there, including myself in suit, running around the con! Don't be afraid to say hi!

More info on Anthro Northwest:
ANW Telegram chatroom:

Join us at the Waterland Arcade

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Puget Sound Furs will be hosting another exciting event at the Waterland Arcade in Des Moines! We will have the entire arcade rented for us! We will have our own private area of the building to hang out, suit, and more with an awesome mix of old-school arcade games with newer, modern games to choose from! Most of these games will be covered at the event, and the bigger games will need paying for! (Most games ar .25-.50 cents, so bring some quarters!)


We will be starting at 2PM and then ending officially at 5PM and will also have our group photo at 4:45PM! Afterwards we will walk to the water area and take more photos and enjoy the scenery, and at about 6:30PM we will be hanging out at a local Denny's (More details at the event)!

SUITING IS ALLOWED and there is food and drinks available for purchase at the bar (Must be 21+ to purchase alcoholic products, obviously).

There is a $9 registration and RSVP fee, so please have that ready asap! This helps us pay the large rental fee for renting the building when we get there! If you can spare a few more dollars, it helps a lot but not necessary! You can also just send it via our PayPal page, with your name in the Notes section, to with your TELEGRAM and/or MEETUP username typed in the NOTES section!!! So we know ahead of time who paid!

Summer-End BBQ

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Hey guys! With the Summer coming to an end, we will be hosting our last BBQ for the year this September, ending the Summer with a bang! Just in time for Furvana right around the corner for the end of September! 

We will be bringing hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and water! Everyone is encouraged to bring some food! We need sodas, appetizers, and anything else you wanna bring~


For more about us, visit
For info on Furvana, check out !

Puget Sound Furs Skating and Bowling Event!

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Hey guys! We will be hosting our next Puget Sound Furs event at the Lynnwood Bowl and Skate building on August 11th where there is a LOT to do and have fun with! You can either hang out for free, or pay for food, bowling, or skating! Fursuiting WILL be allowed except for on the skate floor! The owners have been super supportive and will be letting us suit around! 

For details and PLEASE RVSP at

Waterland Arcade Event

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DON'T FORGET TOMORROW that we will be hosting the Waterland Arcade event in Des Moines TOMORROW at 2pm! We will have the entire arcade rented for us! We will have our own private area of the building to hang out, suit, and more with an awesome mix of old-school arcade games with newer, modern games to choose from! All ages welcomed!

There is a required $9 RSVP fee needed that can either be paid by cash or PayPal! PayPal transactions need to be sent to with your Telegram or Fur name put into the Notes section. You can also pay via card or cash at the event! 

We are currently missing a handful of payments from people who have RSVP'd! Please be sure to make your payments arrangement with staff or you can pay with our online PayPal link! Cash and card WILL BE ACCEPTED at the group event if you need to pay at the door! These funds are what give us the opportunity to rent the building, so please be sure to send your payment!


ALL DETAILS AND PLEASE RSVP @ Don't worry about an "Unpaid" status on Meetup...there's something technically wrong with their pay status, so be sure to just ignore it and not worry about it if you sent your payment!

They will have SOME food like nachos and snacks for food!

We are also HIRING staff members to join our fun crew! You can apply @ 

Puget Furs Pridefest Event!

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Puget Sound Furs will be participating and attending the PrideFest event at the Seattle Center on June 30th! Come join us for food, LGBT+ events, and more!

All details of PrideFest for June 30th can be found @

Fore more information about us, check out our FB group @
For our 250+ member Telegram group, check out