COVID19 & Variants

Posted by Raphial Hebert
	Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good Monday and a great start to their week.  With the growing cases through the holidays from COVID19 Variants, there has been a lot of concern once again about hosting local events. Unfortunately cases have drastically risen through the holiday season, and continue to grow through the new year. As we all remember, the initial start of COVID19 forced a lot of new policies and acts in place to help keep our community safe across many, many different event organizers, companies, and more. Since then, the changes have made a permanent impact in many various ways in our daily lives and daily routines. With the sudden wake of these new variants, cases have fluctuated drastically since their slow decline in 2020. We had the Delta variant, and currently a new variant named Omicron. Each one as dangerous, if not more, than the previous.

Because of this we will be once again postponing future events until further notice. We were hoping to kick off 2022 with a handful of new and scheduled events, but with everything happening around us, we would rather keep our community safe and delay future events. Cases are spreading badly right now across the PNW and eastern coast specifically, and we need to be careful. The staff here at PSF encourage anyone and everyone to get their vaccinations if they have not already, and to get booster shots where and when available. COVID19 and these variants are extremely dangerous, and many cases have permanent lasting effects on the body. We want everyone here to remain safe, educated, and careful. We will be uploading a new amended COVID policy very soon on our Rules and Policies page @

With this second delay of events after the first long delay, we will be focusing a lot on future virtual, stream, and gaming events to keep our mission statement alive and to keep us together. We want to continue to provide a fun, safe, and exceptional community for everyone, and we will continue to do so even through these trying and changing times. Stay tuned and look for some new virtual events very soon~

From everyone here among the PSF Staff, we wish everyone a better year for 2022, and that everyone remain safe and healthy ❤️

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