Rules & Policies



Our Rules and Policies

These terms and policies explain the requirement for participating in any group or event owned by or affiliated with the Puget Sound Furs organization both digitally and offline. Please read these terms carefully; any refusal or misuse of these terms is subject to a terminal and bannable offense from all groups, events, and anything affiliated within the Puget Sound Furs organization. These policies are created to help keep our community within consistent and pleasant for people and members of all ages so that everyone may have an equal opportunity to enjoy what our community offers.

Code of Conduct

#1 Be kind, respectful, and polite

Be kind, polite, respectful, and courteous of other members and the public. When in doubt, do not say anything or ask what is appropriate. Be on your best behavior towards others. Do not willfully and intentionally mock, offend, or insult others by any means. It is our number one rule and our number one concern; please respect the humanity of others. Do not willfully cause disturbances or intentional public disturbances during our community gatherings; public disturbances may be dealt with by local police.

#2 Keep content PG13

Minors under the age of 13 are required to have approval of joining our community by their legal guardians and require proof upon admission for any groups, events, or affiliations within. Please keep all interactions PG13. Keep excessive and "spamming" profanity to a minimum. Any extreme derogatory language, racial slurs, degrading content, and anything related is strictly prohibited.

#3 Keep the drama private

We will always encourage anyone in difficult times to always seek help or medical advice, but we do not condone or allow any "drama" or ill-willed language or content in our community, regardless of the reasons why or excuses given. Personal and private concerns are encouraged to stay private, and not be posted publically unless it is safely allowed within the policies of our Terms of Agreement. If you need help or advice, please consult a member of staff or someone outside of our community.

#4 No "Attention-Seeking"

As explained in Section 1, Rule #3, please keep what is posted about your personal life within our rules. We understand some people would rather seek the attention of others rather than seek medical advice or help among others privately. While we always encourage seeking advice and help privately, we do not condone excessive "attention-seeking" content in our community. It drives people away, and makes the community uncomfortable for others. If you need help or advice, please consult a member of staff or someone outside of our community.

#5 Political, Religious, and Economical Discussions

Political, religious, and other economical or community-type discussions should be kept to a minimum. Our group was created for our community to unite and have an equal opportunity for everyone to enjoy what we offer as an organization. We do not support or encourage political or other commonly known extensive subjects related to the news, politics, religion, economics, country policies, or anything similar in nature. Often times these discussions overwhelm the community, especially in our chat rooms, and is encouraged to stay private.

#6 Member Privacy

Our community is our number one priority, and with that mission comes great respect for others and the public. To earn and keep the respect of others, or members within, we require the respect of others and their privacy and personal life or activities. As discussed in other rules, it is encouraged to keep personal information or discussions private. However, with this suggestion, it is absolutely required that other members within respect and be polite about others and their privacy. This includes both digitally and physically; if anyone is invading your privacy or harassing you, please immediately contact a member of staff.

#7 Respect of Touch

As discussed in Section 1, Rule #6, a member's privacy should never be infringed or disrespected. Furthermore, during our meet events and community gatherings, it is encouraged to be respectful of others' space and physical feelings. Some may feel their space invaded or their physical privacy disrespected; it is highly and greatly encouraged that you carefully and politely respect others' personal, physical space. During photo shoots and other situations where members may feel cluttered or close, please be respectful as best as you can be of others. For some, it takes a lot of courage to attend gatherings and photos, so please be mindful of other members when meeting. This includes hugs, touching, and anything else physical; be mindful and careful about how you socialize with others. When in doubt, either stop or ask first. If anyone is intentionally invading your privacy or harassing you, please immediately contact a member of staff.

#8 Hate Speech

Any hate speech, or anything affiliated, is strictly prohibited within our organization or anything affiliated. As discussed in Section 1, Rule 1, it is your responsibility to uphold respect and integrity towards others within. This also includes any sort of affiliation to hate groups any member may have; if a member is participating in any hate group, or affiliated in any sort of way, they will be immediately removed and their membership terminated. If anyone has information on members participating in hate speeches and/or groups, please contact a member of staff with the details so we may continue to provide a safe environment.

#9 Military and Gun-related Discussion

Due to the rise of mass shootings over the years, and the recent rise of bolden anti-LGBTQ hate crimes and rhetoric, it is more paramount than ever to provide our users and communities with a safe space they can feel welcomed, accepted, and comfortable in. Because of this, please keep ALL gun and military-related discussions to a reasonable, minimal discussion. While the second amendment is a right, it is not warranted discussing in our groups as it tends to create discomfort and division.


#1 No Adult "NSFW" Content

Absolutely under no circumstances or exceptions is adult 18+ or suggestive R-rated content allowed by any means or affiliation in our community. Our community welcomes minors and family members, and because of this, we strictly keep our community within PG13 specifications so that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy what our community offers. Under no circumstances is pornographic or suggestive R-rated material allowed and is strictly prohibited. This also includes any form of pedophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia, or any other fetish or sexuality deemed unlawful or severely inappropriate.

#2 No Gore or Suggestive Content

All gore-affiliated or other misc suggestive content that is affiliated with anything beyond PG13 specifications is strictly prohibited.

#3 Spam

Do not excessively and repeatedly post content. Do not post any kind of spam, or anything affiliated to spam. This will likely result in an immediate termination and ban from all platforms associated with our organization.

#4 Advertisements

Any advertisements or outside links meant for public reach are prohibited unless approved by the staff. You may ask our staff to post any links or advertisements at any time, but approval must be given beforehand. Excessive outreaches and links can clutter the chat, and appear to be spam.

Account Responsibility

#1 Duplicate Accounts

Any duplicate or alterative accounts, unless specified or allowed by our staff, is strictly prohibited and will be reported as spam and banned from any websites or digital media within or affiliated to our organization. If you require an alternative account for any reason, please discuss it with our staff beforehand.

#2 Blocking/Ignoring Staff Accounts

All of our digital and internet affiliated platforms and websites require that all members respect and adhere to our staff and their directions. Any blocking, kicking, or ignoring of our staff on any platform within or affiliated to our organization or its local accounts on any platform is strictly prohibited. Breaking and ignoring of this rule will likely result in termination of your account within, or anything affiliated to our organization within our jurisdiction or legal rights. If you feel you are threatened, harassed, or your privacy threatened, please email us at the email address provided at the bottom of the page. The administrators of the staff will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

#3 Badmouthing Staff

Any report or evidence of any member within, or publically recorded, bad mouthing, mocking, or insulting any of our staff will immediately result in a termination of all accounts within and any groups or platforms affiliated with our organization within our jurisdiction or legal rights.

#4 Account Privacy

Your account on any platforms within, or affiliated with our organization, is strictly your responsibility. Our staff and our organization is not responsible for your account or its privacy. Please keep your account details and other personal sensitive information private and hidden from the public. It is encouraged to keep your sensitive information as hidden as possible. Any sensitive data or information about your privacy leaked or found is not our responsibility. We are not liable for any accounts or profile information within or affiliated to our organization.

#5 Termination

If for any reason you are not within the requirements of these policies, you may face termination. Termination is a banishment, or "ban", of your ability to participate or take part of any event, meeting, group, or anything affiliated within. You will not longer be able to attend events, and your account will be banned on all accounts on all platforms within or affiliated with our organization within our jurisdiction or legal rights. You may not take part in our events, local meetings, or anything affiliated with us offline. If you force your participation in any way, you may be escorted away from the attendees, and if necessary the situation may be handled by local authorities. Termination does not legally require notice or warning, and are subject to these policies and the discretion of the staff team.

#6 Ban Appeals

It is within your right to submit a ban appeal or ask the details of a termination within or any groups and platforms affiliated with our organization within our jurisdiction or legal rights. If you'd like details on your termination, please contact us using the email address with the subject line "Ban Details". If you'd like to dispute a termination and submit a Ban Appeal, carefully, thoroughly, and fully read through our Rules and Terms of Agreement. When you've read through the rules, please send us an email at the email address provided with the subject line "Ban Appeal". Give careful and detailed information on why you want to appeal your ban, what you will do when your ban is appealed, and why we should lift your termination. Once your email is received, our staff will read over your email to get up to date on the information provided. This is a crucial step in the ban appeal process. Please put forth the effort and make your email as detailed and professional as possible! Afterwards, our staff will discuss your ban appeal and one of them will contact you with more information as well as a small interview on why your ban should be or should not be lifted.